nik constantine

Fantasy & Science Fiction

"Last Transaction"

Published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2015 Issue

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About Nik constantine

Nik is a reclusive writer, recovering linguist and former Navy sailor
enjoying a life of lovely seclusion on the south coast of Rhode Island. 

Current Projects

Current projects that may be in progress or on submission

The Dance of Time (Blood Trilogy Book 1)

A shocking betrayal reignites a deadly feud between two ruling families in a land still recovering from the last war. A new generation of rebels
rise in the shadow of power, but will their own growing ambitions blind them to history’s lessons?

Contemporary Fantasy, Book I

A woman discovers a mysterious tree growing in her yard, days before she is written out of the lives of her family. Will she ever be able to return to the life she had before?

Urban Horror

Darius wants nothing more than to keep a low profile
while protecting the streets of Detroit after serving a dime in Carson City. But when dark forces overwhelm the city’s protectors, Darius must step up and commit himself fully to his new roles as both mage and mentor, or watch his city fall.

Science Fiction, Book I

A woman is drawn back into her past in a daring attempt to save her childhood home, at the cost of her own freedom.

Contact Nik

Reach Nik at constantine(at)nikconstantine(dot)com